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Device Overview

Assemble your DUO

Follow our simple process to assemble your DUO stethoscope with the earpieces.

Plug the DUO Earpiece into the 3.5 mm audio port at the base of the DUO and tighten the threads. 

Alternatively, you can choose to use wired headphones instead of the earpiece. To assemble with wired headphones, please follow the same assembly process for stethoscope earpieces. 

You can also use the DUO as a hand-held device to visualize the phonocardiogram (PCG) and single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). 

Power On/Off

Power ON

Press and hold down the center button for 2 seconds to power on your DUO. Once the device is on, you will see a ring of lights circling around the button and a blinking white light. Your device is now ready to pair with the Eko App and be used on a patient.

Power Off

To power off, press and hold down the center button for 2 seconds. Once the device is off, the LED lights will disappear. 

Standby Mode

The DUO has a 5 minute standby mode to conserve battery life. The white light will disappear when the DUO goes into standby mode. To power the device back ON, push the toggle to the OFF and ON position. The white blinking light will appear to indicate the device is ON. 

Adjust the Volume

DUO’s sound level can be amplified in 7 increments up to 60X amplification of an acoustic stethoscope when listening with the stethoscope earpieces. Change the volume level by clicking the top and bottom section of the volume button located on the side of DUO.

If you are using headphones to listen to the sounds, please adjust your phone’s volume to change the DUO’s volume. 

Charge the DUO

The DUO must be properly placed on the wireless charging pad in order to charge.

First, connect the charging pad to the power source using the included USB charging cable and power adaptor. You will notice an orange light illuminate at the top of the charging pad once it is plugged in.

Place your DUO on the charging pad with the center button facing you. You will immediately see the LED lights flash and circle around the center button. This is signaling that the device is charging. When fully charged, the lights will stop flashing.

To fully charge the battery, it should take about 45 minutes. When fully charged, the DUO should last for about 9 hours of continuous use. We recommend turning the device OFF between each use to maximize battery time.

Note: DUO will not connect to the Eko app while charging.

Clean the DUO Device 

The DUO should be cleaned between each patient use. Eko recommends cleaning the DUOS with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or solution. Note: DO NOT immerse the device in any liquid or subject it to any high-pressure/autoclave sterilization processes.

Change your audio filters

To change the filter settings on your DUO, turn the device on by pressing and holding the center button for two seconds. 

Once the DUO is on, you can change the filter settings by pressing the center button three times quickly, in succession. This will allow you to switch between the four filter options. You will notice that the light will switch positions as you switch audio filters. 

The four filter options and corresponding LED light positions are (see image below):

  1. Diaphragm (default) mode, 100-500Hz (heart sounds)
  2. Bellmode, 20-200Hz (heart and bowel sounds)
  3. Midrange mode, 50-500Hz (heart and some lung sounds)
  4. Extended mode, 20-2000Hz (heart and lung sounds)

Another way to change the audio filters is through Settings in the Eko App. Please visit our Using Software section for more information. 


LBL 221, Rev A, April 29, 2021

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