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Low Sound Amplification

If you’re experiencing low sound amplification when listening through the DUO earpiece, please check the following:

  1. Ensure that the DUO Earpiece is securely screwed into the DUO.
  2. Ensure that the DUO is charged and turned on so that you see a white light.
  3. Adjust the volume settings by clicking the side buttons on the DUO.
  4. Triple click the power button on the DUO to try different audio filters (Diaphragm, Bell, Mid-range, Extended). 


To ensure that you’re getting the best audio quality with the DUO, please try the following tips: 

  1. If ambient noise is detected, ensure that no other objects are making contact with the DUO.
  2. Ensure your patient is not positioned on a surface that is prone to vibration, will move unexpectedly, or is emitting noise.
  3. Use the DUO directly on the skin.
  4. Apply some pressure, being sure not to turn the device off by pressing the round button. 

If you continue to experience low sound, please see here for more information on our warranty period and click here to submit a replacement request.


LBL 225, Rev A, April 28, 2021


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