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Bluetooth Pairing with the Eko App

While it is not required to connect your device to the Eko App, we highly encourage you to do so if you want to access the Eko app features such as creating patient files, saving recordings and wireless screening. To connect your CORE to the Eko app:

  1. Download the Eko App
    1. For iOS, click here.
    2. For Android, click here
  2. Enable your Bluetooth on your selected mobile device. 
    1. On iOS devices, go to Settings > Bluetooth > and tap the slider to turn Bluetooth ON. 
    2. On Android devices, go to Home screen > tap the Menu key  > Settings > and tap the slider to turn Bluetooth ON.
  3. Turn ON the CORE and the white LED light will start flashing. 
  4. In the Eko App, click Connect Device.
  5. Select the CORE device on the screen. If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the LED will turn from flashing white to solid white.
  6. If Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful, an error message will appear in the App and no sounds will be recorded. Please visit our troubleshooting article here if you are unable to connect the CORE to your mobile device.


LBL 273, Rev A, April 30, 2021

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