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Using CORE with Hearing Loss

If you have bluetooth hearing aids, please follow the steps below to set up wireless streaming with the Eko Mobile App. 

  1. Download the Eko Mobile App on an iOS or Android Device
  2. Create an account and login 
  3. Turn on the Eko device and select ‘Connect Device’ to pair
  4. Ensure that bluetooth hearing aids are also connected to your mobile device
  5. Enable “Play from Headphones” on the Eko app settings (iOS) or on the main recording screen by clicking the headphones icon (Android)
  6. Adjust the volume settings on your mobile device to listen to heart and lung sounds through your hearing aids.

If you need additional assistance with setting up your Eko device, please visit our Hearing Loss Solutions Guide or submit a ticket here.

LBL 247, Rev A, April 28, 2021

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