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Web Dashboard Overview

Browser Requirements and Privacy Policy

The Eko Web Dashboard is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Please click here to review Eko’s security and HIPAA policies. 

Access Patient Recordings

Recordings saved from the Eko App can be accessed on the Web Dashboard and exported into the patient chart. 

To access patient recordings:


  1. Select the “Patients” tab from the home screen. 
  2. Once on the patients screen, select the patient whose recordings you wish to view.
  3. In the patient profile, you will see all of the recordings associated with this patient as well as the AI summary results for each recording if you have the Pro Plan. To access the recording, select the recording date and time you wish to view.
  4. On the recording page, there are several actions that you may take. To playback the recording, select the “play” button. You may also make a general annotation or highlight a desired section of the recording to annotate that specific selection. By selecting the “More Actions” button, you may also download a PDF report, download the raw audio data as a .wav file, or delete the recording. 
  5. To view another recording for the same patient, you may select the back button in the upper lefthand corner to return to the list of recordings for this patient, or the forwards and backwards buttons located on the top right to navigate one-by-one through this patient’s recordings. 

Note: The Eko Telehealth Legacy plan does not include access to the AI screening tools, for more information on how to upgrade your plan, please contact or your customer success manager. 

Download PDF auscultation reports and audio data

Generate PDF auscultation reports and download the audio data that can be shared between students, instructors, or colleagues. The reports hyperlink back to the associated recordings in the central dashboard.

To download PDF auscultation reports and audio data:


  1. Go to your Web Dashboard (
  2. Log into the Web Dashboard with your Eko account credentials
  3. Navigate to the patient's profile
  4. Click into the recording you want to download
  5. Click “More Actions” on the top right and two dropdown options will appear. To download the PDF auscultation report, select “Download PDF.”
  6. To download the audio data, select “Download Data.” The audio file will be in WAV format. We recommend users wear headphones when listening to the audio for optimal sound quality. Please note that you are downloading the raw audio file so volume might be lower than volume played back from the Eko dashboard. 

  7. You can now share the pdf and or wav files or save to your preferred location


LBL 233, Rev B, September 15, 2021


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