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DUO for iOS

DUO Quick Start Guide

  1. Install the App on iPhone or iPad - Apple Store: Eko Digital Stethoscope + ECG
  2. If New User: Sign up, Create and Confirm Account
  3. Log In with Username and Password Open the Eko App on the mobile device. When prompted, create a new account, or enter your existing username and password.
  4. Log in with PIN. New users are encouraged to set up a 4-digit login PIN to simplify the login process on the Eko mobile app.
  5. Bluetooth Pairing Bluetooth must be enabled in the smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings in order to use the device with the Eko App. 
  6. Connect your DUO to the Eko app:
    • Open the Eko mobile app and login on your iOS device
      • Create your account if you have not done so already
    • Turn on your DUO by pressing and holding the action button until you see the lights flash around the ring once
    •  On the app, click “Connect Device”
    • Select the DUO device on the screen and your device will be paired
    • Earpieces are optional, if you would like to use them to listen live, connect via the 3.5mm port
  7. Auscultate the patient using the DUO device
  8. Make a 15 second recording which will run AI analysis identifying presence of a      murmur or AFib.

The Main Recording Screen allows users to view audio data captured by the device, begin the recording process, retrieve patient-specific data, or adjust settings. Audio data is represented in real-time as a phonocardiogram and the ECG waveform. The grid behind the waveform denotes 25mm/s and 10mm/ mV.

For best results:

Excessive hair, dirty skin, dry skin, or oily skin can impact the quality of the ECG tracing. Clean the patient's skin with water and soap and remove excess hair as needed to achieve the highest quality tracing. ECG gels or saline solutions can be used on the electrodes to improve signal quality. 

Volume Control The device’s sound level can be amplified in 12 increments. Change the volume level by pressing the top (+) and bottom (-) of the volume button on the side of the device. Increasing the volume by one level can be confirmed by the increasing number of LEDs lit in the LED ring.

Tip: For iPhone with iOS 13 and up, you must enable bluetooth permission in the settings  panel to pair the Eko device. If Bluetooth setting is not enabled, you will receive the following message “Bluetooth Off: Enable Bluetooth before attempting to pair with your device”

LBL 264, Rev A, April 30, 2021.

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