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Loose chestpiece or stethoscope earpiece

Loose chestpiece

If the tubing connector is getting loose from the CORE Digital Attachment, please tighten the tubing connector by firmly rotating it clockwise. 

If that does not resolve the issue, please check to see if there are any damages on the tubing connector barbs or CORE digital attachment threading. If you are unable to discern if any of the parts are damaged, please send us a photo and we can help identify which replacement parts you need. To send in a photo, please submit a ticket here.

You can purchase tubing connector replacements here. If your device is under warranty, please submit a ticket here so we can start the replacement process.  

Loose stethoscocpe earpiece

If the earpiece tubing is loose from the CORE Digital Attachment, please tighten the earpiece tubing by rotating it clockwise firmly. Please submit a ticket here if that does not resolve your issue. 


LBL 249, Rev A, April 28, 2021

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