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Low sound amplification

Low sound amplification through stethoscope earpieces

If you are experiencing low sound amplification through the stethoscope earpiece, please check the following: 

  1. Ensure that the CORE is turned on so that the white light is on.
  2. Press the ‘+’ button to increase the volume of the device.
  3. Ensure that your chestpiece is rotated to the appropriate side so that the indicator mark is aligned with the side of the diaphragm that you’re using

Low sound amplification through bluetooth or wired headphones

  1. Ensure that ‘Volume Boost’ is turned on in your Eko app. For iOS, ‘Play from Headphones’ is in the Eko app settings. For Android, ‘Play from Headphones’ is on the main recording screen. 
  2. Make sure you are increasing your phone sound volume. Adjusting the CORE volume will only affect the volume through the stethoscope earpiece. 
  3. If listening to audio playback, please make sure your phone ringer is not on ‘Silent’

Low sound amplification when playing back recordings:

  1. For iOS, ‘Play from Headphones’ must be turned on in the Eko app settings. For Android, ‘Play from Headphones’ must be turned on in the main recording screen. 
  2. Use wired headphones plugged into your phone to ensure the best audio quality.
  3. Turn the volume up on your phone to achieve maximum amplification.
  4. NOTE: amplification during playback will likely be lower than during live auscultation.

LBL 245, Rev B, October 1, 2021

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