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New Menu Walkthrough

The Menu is where you can go to update your settings and view information about your connected Eko stethoscope. You can navigate to the Menu by logging into the Eko App and tapping on the “Menu” icon on the bottom left of your screen. For the rest of this document we’re going to take you through the Menu and what it has to offer.

Connecting an Eko stethoscope 

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. Power on the Eko stethoscope you’d like to connect. Open the Eko app on your mobile device. Tap on the “Menu” icon on the bottom left of your screen. Tap “Connect” at the top of the Menu screen, just below the Eko logo.



The app will scan for and pair with the nearest Eko stethoscope that is powered on. If you’re reconnecting the same stethoscope that was last connected, the app will automatically re-pair with that stethoscope.



Around the picture of the stethoscope, you will see connection strength (to the left), stethoscope identifier (in the middle), and battery life of your stethoscope (on the right) once the connection is successful.


Editing Account Profile

Tap your username to edit your account profile including name and password. 


You can edit your name, email, and password by tapping on the corresponding arrow-in-a-circle. If you’d like to enable enhanced security, tap the toggle. It will turn dark blue when enhanced security is enabled. 


Select “Change Log In PIN” to set your 4 digit PIN.


Adjust Stethoscope Settings

If you’re connected to a stethoscope, you can tap the stethoscope settings (e.g., “CORE Settings”) to adjust settings for that specific stethoscope.


Toggle ON “Record from Device” to allow recordings to be initiated from your CORE (by pressing the “O” button between the “+” and “-” buttons on the CORE). 

Toggle ON “Active Noise Cancellation” to filter out background noise while listening or recording.

Select different audio filters by tapping on “CORE Audio Filter” and  selecting the appropriate audio filter:


When you return to the CORE Settings screen, you will see the filter you selected next to the CORE Audio Filter menu item (shown as “Pulmonary” here).


When connected to the Eko DUO stethoscope you can tap “DUO Settings” to access the sub-menu where you can:


Toggle ON “Record from Device” to allow recordings to be initiated from your DUO by pressing the central control button. 

Toggle ON “Flip ECG” to invert in the ECG tracing on your screen.

Tap “DUO Audio Filter” to select the appropriate audio filter:


Diaphragm: Heart and lung sounds (Higher frequencies)

Bellmode: Heart and lung sounds (Lower frequencies)

Midrange: Lung sounds

Extended: Heart and lung sounds



Tap “Waveform Display” to select whether you’d like PCG and ECG to be displayed individually or together during recording as shown below.


Tap “ECG Mains Filter” to switch between 50Hz and 60Hz, so that noise coming from the AC powerline is minimized. The setting will differ depending on which country you are in.



Tap “App Settings” to adjust background connection settings, patient assignment at start up, and recording length settings



Adjust background connection time: This feature allows you to set the number of minutes the Eko app remains connected to your stethoscope while the app is in the background. Tap on the arrow-in-a-circle to access the settings and choose among 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes connection time or no limit to connection time.



Turn ON/OFF “Assign Patient at Start” for Cardiac Exam: If ON (blue), then you will be prompted to select a patient prior to beginning the exam. If OFF (white), then you will not be asked to assign a patient at the beginning of an exam, but will have that option presented to you after a recording is taken.



Set recording length for Quick Record: Tap on the arrow-in-a-circle to access the settings submenu where you can adjust the amount of recording time to 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds. After you make your selection, the selected value will be shown next to “Recording Length” (15 seconds in this example).


Tap “Customer Support” to access Eko device user manuals, visit the Eko Support Center, or contact Eko’s Customer Support team. 



Tap “Regulatory Information” to view the Instructions for Use and Certification of the Eko App.




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