Using DUO with hearing loss or wireless screening

We want to make sure that you get the most out of Eko. If you are using the DUO with your hearing aids, here are some tips to get the most out of the sound amplification.

If you have hearing impairment but do not use an assistive device like hearing aids:

  1. The Eko DUO amplifies up to 32x and functions as a 100% digital stethoscope. The DUO has selectable audio filters to give users better control over the frequency range that they want to auscultate. The DUO comes with screw-in ear tubing that is similar to traditional stethoscope ear tubing, but users can also plug-in headphones that have a 3.5mm output. Users may want to experiment with headphones to determine what provides the best audio to overcome their hearing impairment.

If you have non-Bluetooth hearing aids, you can do one of two things:

  1. If you are able, remove your hearing aids and use the DUO Earpieces to listen live. If you do not need to remove your hearing aids in this instance, you may keep them in.
  2. If the first option does not work for you, you can use over-the-ear headphones plugged into the Eko app to listen live through the app.
  3. Plug over-the-ear headphones into the DUO (need to have a 3.5mm plug) and wear over your hearing aids to listen live from the DUO.

If you have Bluetooth hearing aids, you can do one of a few things:

  1. If you have bluetooth enabled hearing aids, you can try the following method: 
    1. Turn on the DUO and pair it to the Eko app
    2. Enable “Play from Headphones” in the app settings by going to Quick Record and tapping “Audio”
    3. Enable “Volume Boost”
    4. Make sure your bluetooth hearing aids are paired to your phone
    5. Adjust your phone volume and listen to heart and lung sounds through your hearing aids.

Note: Adjusting the volume buttons on the DUO will only affect the volume when sound is going through the DUO Earpiece. If you are listening to heart sounds via “Play from Headphones”, please make sure you are adjusting the phone volume. 

For customers with Cochlear implants:

  1. Eko recommends that users with cochlear implants work with their audiologists to determine which Eko product is best. Our team is more than happy to schedule time with your care team to elaborate on how our products work to help you make the best decision. Email to coordinate with our subject matter experts.

If you need additional assistance with setting up your Eko device, please visit our Hearing Loss Solutions Guide or submit a ticket here.


LBL 286 Rev.B, March 16, 2022



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