Connect an Eko Device with the Eko App

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✓ Customers who have purchased their own Eko device

If you're an enterprise institution, go to the SENSORA™ Help Center.

You use Bluetooth pairing to connect the Eko device to the Eko App. This is how heart sound data is sent from the Eko device to the app. If the two aren’t paired or they have a poor Bluetooth connection, the app won’t receive the data.

The first time you use the Eko device with the Eko App, the app guides you through setting up the Bluetooth connection with the app. After the first time, the app automatically connects to the Eko device when:

  • Bluetooth is turned on for your mobile device, and

  • The Eko device is turned on and within range.

Note: Your Eko App screens may differ from what's shown here.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device

Follow your mobile device’s instructions for turning on Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is on, the icon on your mobile device will look like this:


2. Connect your Eko device

  1. Turn on your Eko device. See instructions here for CORE 500™, CORE™, and DUO™.

  2. Open the Eko App on your mobile device.

  3. On the bottom toolbar, tap Menu.

  4. If the Eko App doesn't automatically remember and connect your Eko device, tap Connect. The app scans for your device and shows your device once connected. A Connected indicator and the Bluetooth strength shows at the top of the screen.


Tips for Bluetooth connection

Reduce distance

Make sure there aren’t objects such as walls, furniture, or people between the Eko device and your mobile device. Tips to improve Bluetooth connection:

  • Reduce the distance between the Eko device and your mobile device.

  • Allow a line of sight between the Eko device and your mobile device.

Lost connection

You’ll lose Bluetooth connection if you force close the Eko App or turn off the Eko device. On the CORE 500™, the Bluetooth icon has a red slash through it when it's no longer connected. On the CORE™ or DUO™, the LED light blinks white when it’s no longer connected.

To regain connection:

  • Turn on the Eko device.

  • Open the Eko App and re-pair the Eko device.

Reduce interference

To reduce the risk of device interference:

  • To reduce the risk of device interference, keep the Eko device at least 6 feet away from radiofrequency (RF) emitters, such as Wi-Fi routers, mobile and cordless phones, medical scanners, radar systems, microwave ovens, and so on.



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October 4, 2023

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