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Unable to Charge DUO

To charge your DUO, please ensure that the light on the charging pad is on. You can expect to see a white light to indicate that the charging pad is on. 

Once the charging pad light is on, please place the DUO on the charging pad so that the power button is facing upwards. The white light on the charging pad will change to an orange light once the DUO is placed on it. You should also see a ring of lights illuminate on the DUO once it is placed on the charger to indicate that it is charging. If you do not see this, please leave the DUO on the charger overnight. 

If you do not see any lights on the charging cable, please check the following:

  1. Ensure that the micro-USB cable is securely plugged into the charging pad
  2. If no light appears, please try a different cable and wall plug 

If you are still experiencing issues with charging, please click here to submit a replacement request. 


LBL 224, Rev A, April 28, 2021

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