Take a recording from the DUO™

You can start a recording from the DUO™ and keep your mobile device in your pocket. Or, you can start a recording from the Eko App.


The DUO must be actively connected to the Eko App via Bluetooth in order to take recordings from the device or the Eko App.

Recording settings

To take a recording from the DUO™, you'll need to have the Record from Device setting turned on in the device settings. Learn more about recording settings here.

Take a recording from the DUO

  1. Place the device on the patient.

  2. Double press the central control button, or, if you have the Record Automatically setting turned on, the recording starts when a good signal is detected. Learn more about this setting.

  3. You can verify the recording progress in the app if needed.

  4. To manually stop the recording before the timer ends, double press the central control button again. Otherwise, the recording automatically stops after the length of time selected in the Recording Length setting in the Eko App.


    To get AI analysis findings, make sure to take a recording that is at least 15 seconds long.

  5. Review and/or assign the recording to a patient in the Eko App. Here's how.



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June 26, 2023

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