HSA, FSA, and CME eligibility

All Eko stethoscopes are eligible for HSA (health spending account), FSA (flexible spending account), HRA (health reimbursement arrangement), or CME (continuing medical education) purchase and/or reimbursement. 

You can use your benefits card at ekohealth.com for qualified purchases. 

For proof of purchase:

  • Save your order confirmation email as a receipt. 
  • Visit account.ekohealth.com to look up and print your order details.

 If your eligible card is declined or doesn't work at ekohealth.com, you can:

  • Use a different payment method and contact your system administrator for reimbursement information.
  • Shop Eko products at the fsastore.com or hsastore.com stores.

We recommend printing your order confirmation email to submit as a receipt for reimbursement. If you have any issues, contact our support team via chat or call + 1 (844) 356-3384 for a downloadable PDF invoice.

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