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You can see AI analysis results in the Eko App for all Eko devices, or right on the CORE 500™ display. AI analysis screens for:

Analysis results on the Eko App

Analysis results show in the Eko App in these places:

  • On the summary screen right after a recording or cardiac exam.

  • On the Patients tab, Unassigned Recordings screen.

  • On the Patients tab, open an assigned patient's profile.


Analysis results on the CORE 500™

Analysis results show on the screen if:

  • You have the Recording Analysis setting in the Eko App turned on. Learn more here.

  • The recording is at least 15 seconds in length.

  • The CORE 500™ made skin contact for ECG-related results such as AFib.

See the full list of results you can see on the CORE 500™ screen.

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The results you see on the device are only a summary. Use the Eko App for a detailed summary of the results.

For example, you see on the device that AFib was detected:


You open the Eko App for the full details:




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Date of Issue:

June 26, 2023

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