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Bluetooth Connection Issues

For iPhone: 

Error message: Enable iPhone Bluetooth. Turn on your Bluetooth or Allow New Connections in your iPhone’s settings to connect to your Eko device. 

Tap “Ok” 

Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone screen. 

Tap on the Bluetooth icon to enable Bluetooth settings.


For Android:

  • Error message: Please Turn on Bluetooth. Bluetooth must be turned on in order to connect your device to the Eko app. 
  • Press “Continue” 
  • Tap “Allow” 

For Android: 

  • If you attempt to connect your DUO and you receive a “Connection Failed” message, please do the following to clear Bluetooth Cache and Data:
  1. Start screen
  2. Swipe from top of screen to show first-level settings
  3. Swipe from top of screen again to show second-level settings
  4. Tap the small gear icon (right center of screen)
  5. Tap "Apps & Notifications"
  6. Tap "See all <number> apps"
  7. Tap the 3-dots icon in the top right
  8. Tap "Show system"
  9. Scroll down to the "Bluetooth" app
  10. Tap the "Bluetooth" app
  11. Tap "Storage & cache"
  12. Tap "Clear cache"
  13. Tap "Clear storage"
  14. Tap "OK"

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