Overview of the Eko App

Eko devices provide the most clinical value when connected with the Eko App. Downloading the Eko App and connecting the Eko device with Bluetooth is required to complete the setup of the device.

The Eko App is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. There are specific features that require the Eko App.* The app is also required to send heart sound data from the Eko device to the app.

The Eko App is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can use it to:

  • Check for signs of heart disease.*

  • Listen wirelessly using the Bluetooth-enabled device of your choice.

  • Record, play back, annotate, and save stethoscope sounds and ECG* (with the CORE 500™ or DUO™).

  • Export PDF reports that can be shared with colleagues or uploaded to compatible electronic health record (EHR) systems.*


What’s included

The Eko App includes:

  • A phonocardiogram (PCG) tracing visualization.

  • An ECG tracing visualization for the CORE 500™ and DUO™.

  • Wireless auscultation with Bluetooth headphones.
  • Eko AI analysis* (currently only available in the U.S.).

  • Secure storage of recordings.

  • PDF report creation and sharing*

Listen first, or start a recording or exam

You can use the Listen screen to first auscultate, and then choose to record what you hear or start a guided, 4-point cardiac exam*.




A flexible method for auscultating a range of body sounds. You can simply turn on your Eko device, open the Eko App, and start listening to body sounds once your device connects to the app.


A flexible way for taking recordings for a range of body sounds*. You can customize settings for whether or not the recording includes AI analysis (currently only available in the U.S.) or starts automatically. Doesn't include position placement guidance.


A guided 4-point cardiac assessment with automatic recording, AI analysis (currently only available in the U.S. only), and position placement guidance.*


The Eko device must be able to connect through Bluetooth. The Eko App requires both a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device to use the features on the Listen screen, such as taking a recording or starting a cardiac exam. If there’s not a Wi-Fi connection, try using a mobile hotspot.

See our full system requirements.

Download the Eko App

For iOS: Download the Eko App here.

For Android: Download the Eko App here.

*Some features may require a paid Eko App membership.



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June 26, 2023

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